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Reliable Dent and Ding Repair for Tuscaloosa Automobiles


When you think about all of the obstacles that stand in your way, the road can be a scary place. With traffic whizzing at breakneck speeds and debris kicking up from the vehicle in front of you, the pavement is a virtual shooting gallery of potential hazards. Even if you escape automobile damage while you’re driving, it’s common to return to the car to find a new dent, ding or series of paint scrapes that you’ve picked up in the parking lot. The experts at Brown’s Garage & Body Shop in Tuscaloosa have more than three decades of experience handling small touchups and larger paint repair projects, and we can help restore your ride back to its original glory. We will also deal with the insurance company for you, making the auto body repair process less stressful.

Fixing Your Car’s Paint Job

Whether you need a minor touch up or restoration service after a collision, the process for car paint repair relies heavily on technology. Sophisticated imaging systems help determine a perfect match to your vehicle’s existing exterior. Once that information goes to our state-of-the-art paint booths, our technicians come up with the ideal mix of colors and additives. Once we’re finished with your automobile, you won’t know that there was ever paint chipping ruining its appearance.

Let Us Deal With the Insurance Company for You

If you’re sick of looking at the blemishes in your car’s exterior, trust the experts at Brown’s Garage & Body Shop in Tuscaloosa for scratch repair and custom auto paint to restore that factory finish. You’ve spent a lot of money on your vehicle, so why let paint chips ruin the aesthetics? To learn about our auto collision repair services or schedule an appointment to remove those unsightly car paint scrapes, give us a call at 205-764-0211 today.

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